Client Testimonials

“Our business has grown so much in the last couple of years and it has caused a lot of stress for us. The last thing we were thinking about was how much we were going to have to pay in taxes.  We were so scared to see what the tax hit was going to be. When we saw all of the strategies they had implemented and that it reduced our taxes by almost $200,000 I thought it was absolutely amazing. I literally couldn’t believe it. I asked Erik if I could pay him more. I didn’t feel like we’re paying them enough for this. There are so many business owners who need to know this stuff. 

Bronson Christensen

“We tried many accounting firms before finally finding the Woodbury team. Their knowledge of advanced tax strategies has exceeded our expectations and they have always been very available for our team. Our returns are filed on time and we get expert tax advice anytime of the year. [The] entire team have always been there for us, and we appreciate their hard work. Would strongly recommend the Woodbury team to any business or individual, especially those with sophisticated tax planning.”

David Mackler

“Woodbury has been really good to work with. Our taxes were significantly more difficult in 2020 with some new business income and capital gains. They were able to help us navigate through that. We paid less in taxes than we anticipated. For 2021, we’ve added a rental property and they have been great to answer questions surrounding that. They are a proactive firm that’s been enjoyable to work with.”

Payton Jeppesen

“Most of my experiences with accountant have been transactional. Woodbury is different that they created a strategy to help me save in taxes and help educate me as well. I can definitely say that upgrading to Woodbury has increased my confidence in my taxes, increased my knowledge about taxes, and saved me more money than any of my other CPAs. I’ve been very happy with their services and happily recommend them!

Gerald Lou

“You’re telling me that I paid you $5,800 and saved me $25,000? Let’s do more of these deals!”

Jon Hatch

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